Exercise and nutrition is an essential part of life. Staying fit and is an equally important requirement for healthy people as that of youngsters. With the passage of time, seniors are rejecting the sedentary lifestyle and shifting towards opting for an active routine. Exercise helps you live a long, healthy, and enjoyable life. Harvard Medical School suggests that regular exercise promotes self-reliance in older people. Exercise also combats stress, makes you more energetic, and improves balance.
So, here are the top 5 workouts for older adults

Before starting with any exercise regimen, it’s essential to check with a physician to ensure your workouts’ fitness.

  1. Water aerobics

In recent years, water aerobics have gained popularity as a form of exercise for all ages. However, it has become particularly famous in older people. People who are patients of arthritis or experience any other sort of joint pain find water aerobics quite relieving. This is because the buoyancy of water induces lesser stress upon the joints. Due to the natural resistance in the water, this form of water aerobics omits the need for weights that are usually required for strength training. These exercises improve strength, balance, and flexibility with minimum strain on the body. This makes it one of the ideal types of exercises for older adults.

  1. Chair yoga

As adults require a form of exercise with low impact, chair yoga is a form that meets the criteria. It improves balance, flexibility, mobility, and muscle strength which are critical for fitness in older adults. Chair yoga levies less strain on the bones, joints, and muscles. Chair yoga has also been shown to significantly improve mental health in older adults. Other than this, it also improves the quality of sleep, reduces the instances of depression, and also invokes a general sense of well-being. It is one of the top 5 workouts for older people that can be tried in the form of overhead stretch, seated twist, seated cow stretch, seated mountain pose, or seated cat stretch.

  1. Pilates

One of the top 5 exercises for seniors includes pilates which is another form of low-impact exercise. Pilates usually improves breathing, concentration, alignment, and core strength which are all the substantial components for a healthy being. Pilates usually involve mats, pilate balls, or other low-impact accessories that positively influence strength, flexibility, and balance in older people. You can try mermaid movement, side circles, foot slides, leg circle, leg ups as different forms of pilates.

  1. Tai chi

Tai chi is one of the best low-intensity sports that has proved vast improvements in balance and flexibility. This form of exercise is usually performed in groups that don’t only help better the physical being but also the mental strength through social interaction. It also helps with relaxation and focus, which eventually uplifts the mood and improves mental health. Finding like-minded exercise buddies at the place of workout becomes an excellent motivation for older adults as well.

  1. Brisk walking

One of the top 5 exercises for seniors includes brisk walking, which is exceptionally beneficial for muscles and the heart. As compared to jogging, walking doesn’t exert pressure on the joints, which is advantageous if you have weak ankles or knees. Brisk walking is not like regular walking; it’s about improving your gait. You have to increase your stride and maintain a good posture by keeping your back straight and shoulders back. With such posture, brisk walking is guaranteed to provide maximum benefits.

Remaining engaged in some sort of physical activity is vital for health and fitness in older adults. Exercising can help improve cognitive functions, balance, and energy. It can also prevent counteract diseases or reduce the unfavorable symptoms of these diseases. Remaining active will help them live a long, joyous life without having to succumb to pains.

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