We all know that daily work out is essential. But, when you are living in between frequent trips, finding out time for exercising becomes next to impossible. Hence, if you are struggling to bring out time for exercising, tired of doing the same old squats and pushups, or running through alleys in frosty winter mornings, opting for a Pilates reformer would be a wise escape.

Plenty of such reformers are available in the market today, some are helpful, and some are not. But you can use Coreplus Reformer from 1fitlab wherever you are and forget about the agitation when you have to skip your exercises. Imitating the resistance action that Pilates reformers encompass, the x-shaped reformer is joined with lightweight resistance bands and is much more efficient than a regular Pilates reformer. 

Now, let’s go through the following sections and identify how much beneficial working out with a Pilates reformer can be for you.

  1. Train Anywhere and Anytime

The first thing you should know about such reformers is they are very portable. As it is a lightweight, you can quickly put them inside your backpack or suitcase without bulking up it unnecessarily. And, by carrying them every time you go out on a trip, you are making sure that a portable gym is always at your side, endowing you will all workout benefits your body and mind should have.

In your leisure, bring it out from your luggage and put it again at its place after exercising. 

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  • Possibility of Dynamic Stretching Exercises

According to many studies, the exercises people use to maintain their fitness before are gradually changing, and stretching exercises are gaining more importance. Reformers powered by a resistance band can come as a complement in your daily exercise routine, levitating you to perform dynamic and stretching exercises more proficiently. If you are a beginner, you must know how to use Pilates Reformer and get some advice from experts before stretching exercises.   

Remember, stretching is essential after working out as it enhances your flexibility and improves your range of motion and body posture. And, if you are associated with any sports, stretching is just imperative.

  • Causes No Harm to Joints

As it is dissimilar to free weight lifting, adding up a Coreplus Reformer tool in your home exercise venture, you will be exercising with gravity. It means lesser joint compression keeping your joints away from injuries in the long term. Besides, it will also go easy on your joints by helping you in executing various not-repetitive movements.

  • More Effectiveness But Less Chance of Injury    

Reports have also suggested that stretching exercises with elastic bands are equally or more effective than traditional weight training. As such activities keep body joints away from injuries, people with existing injuries can also opt for exercising with them. Another beneficial aspect remains that a Pilates reformer can allow you to perform exercises that dumbbells never can.

  • Budget-Friendly 

As you can have different exercises with only a single tool, the necessity of purchasing several machines and weights diminishes. Hence, choosing a reformer such as this over other gym equipment will always be cost-effective for you. 1fitlab offers a cost-effective Coreplus Reformer, which you can use at your home or gym as well.

  • Grow and Tone Muscles  

According to studies, the primary importance of choosing a Pilates reformer is regularly exercising with it helps in the growth of muscles long with toning them at the same time. The toning process means eliminating body fats so that the muscles become visible right under the skin. However, it’s also true that there’s no specific exercise for toning your muscles. Muscle activation and hypertrophy (an increase of muscle volume) can be achieved by weight training and free weight training. And, working out with Pilates reformers is an easy way of attaining them both.

Customize Your Pilates Reformer Training According to Your Athletic Needs

When you admire sports like volleyball, badminton, and soccer and try to play whenever you have time, resistance training with Coreplus Reformer can benefit you more than any other exercising tool. Making anyone perform various exercises can aid you in fitness aspects like coordination of balance, strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, and many more. All you need to do is continue daily workouts targeting different body parts of your body. So now, the only thing in between you and your fitness goal is purchasing a Coreplus Reformer.


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